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Econ-O-Cure Field Curing System

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Transport Rack NOT Included. 

CAT#: T-RACK-4 & T-RACK-6 -Transport Racks

At last! An alternative to homemade curing boxes!

  • The ECON-O-CURE is a tool to help field technicians meet ASTM C31 when testing concrete. C31 requires specimens to be stored on the job site for a period up to 48 hours in a temperature range of 60°F to 80°F and in an environment preventing moisture loss from the specimens.
  • Sturdy - Made with advanced polymers and contains ½" of insulating cooler foam within its walls.  The floorboard is 1/2" smooth melamine with rounded corners and an integrated handle.
  • Capacity - Will hold up to 8 - 6"dia x12" molds or 16 - 4" dia. x 8" molds.
  • Portable - Unlike heavy wood and foam boxes, ECON-O-CURE is lightweight and easily folded for transportation and storage.
  • Available - In stock for immediate "off the shelf" shipment.
  • Versatile - The sturdy box floor has a handle cut in and is easily removed for use as a slump test platform.
  • Proven - When used in conjunction with a heater, consistently meets standards set forth in ASTM C31, even at extreme temperatures.


Transport Rack NOT Included.  (CAT#: T-RACK-4 & T-RACK-6)


""How can I keep the cylinders warm in cold weather?
First, we recommend the use of a Min/Max Thermometer (available from Deslauriers) to monitor the high and low temperature within the Econ-O-Cure unit. For moderate cool conditions we suggest that you simply place the concrete specimens in the Econ-O-Cure and zip the cover completely closed. If the concrete contractor is utilizing curing blankets, the Econ-O-Cure unit should be placed under the same blanket(s) as the cast-in-place concrete. The heat generated from the hydration of the concrete specimens within the sealed Econ-O-Cure unit should be sufficient in providing a field curing environment between 60 and 80 degrees F. For severe cold conditions we suggest the use of a supplemental heat source, such as a small thermostatically controlled heater. When using a supplemental heat source the cover of the Econ-O-Cure unit should be left slightly open so that the thermostatically controlled heater is free to operate and cycle on and off, thereby maintaining a target temperature between 60 and 80 degrees. How can I keep the cylinders cool in the summer? Do not store the Econ-O-Cure or the unprotected test specimens in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can increase the internal temperature of the unit beyond the specified temperatures required by ASTM. The Econ-O-Cure will hold 8 - 6” x 12” test specimens or 16- 4”x8” test specimens while allowing ample room for the use of ice. Allow the Econ-O-Cure unit to vent warm air for as long as possible during the initial hydration of the test specimens. Following this venting period, place sufficient ice in the unit, and close the zipper completely to capture and preserve as much cooling effect from the ice as possible. During extremely cold or extremely hot periods, test specimens should be removed from the job site in the shortest period allowed by ASTM C31 (8 hours after final set). This is generally somewhere between 16 to 20 hours after casting. Delaying transportation up to 48 hours after casting in extreme temperatures will likely result in non-compliance with the field storage requirements in ASTM. " "