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  1. Revolutionizing Construction: Self-Consolidating Concrete

    Revolutionizing Construction: Self-Consolidating Concrete

    Advantages of Self-Consolidating Concrete in Construction

    From intricate architectural designs to large-scale infrastructure projects, self-consolidating concrete (SCC) promises superior aesthetics and durability in various applications.  
    SCC is a revolutionary construction material that effortlessly flows into the tightest spaces, largely eliminating the need for manual compaction. Read on to explore the limitless possibilities of self-consolidating concrete.

    What is self-consolidating concrete

    For starters, let’s answer some basic questions about self-consolidating concrete. It is an ingenious construction material with an exceptional ability to flow. It can fill intricate molds and tight spaces without mechanical consolidation such as vibration or compaction. Its unique blend of high fluidity and stability ensures uniform distribution, reducing the risk of air pockets and enhancing structural integrity. 

    Self-consolidating concrete improves work efficiency by simplifying complex casting, reducing labor costs (and time), and delivering superior surface finishes. It's ideal for more intricate architectural designs, densely reinforced structures, and congested formwork. SCC streamlines construction processes without sacrificing durability

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  2. Deslauriers is committed to promoting sustainability.

    Deslauriers is committed to promoting sustainability.

    Deslauriers is committed to promoting sustainability.

    There are some pretty cool things happening in the manufacturing industry when it comes to sustainability.  We applaud the choice that brought you here and encourage you to learn more about this initiative.


    Read our full sustainability statement below:

    Deslauriers is committed to meet the vital human needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs by preserving  and protecting the area's ecosystems and natural resources.  Deslauriers believes sustainability describes a process in which human use of natural resources, required for the continuation of life, is in balance with nature's ability to replenish them.

    Learn about our sustainability principles:

    -To meet our compliance obligations including all applicable legislation, regulations, codes of practice, and industry best practices. 

    -We will use recycled or reprocessed material whenever possible to minimize or reduce our environmental impacts.

    -We will continually review and develop our manufacuring and business practices to improve our sustainability performance.

    -To ensure that all Deslauriers employees are fully aware of our sustainability principles and are committed to implementing and improving it.

    -To make clients, suppliers, and distributors aware of our sustainability principles and encourage them to adopt sound sustainable management practices.

    Check out what we are doing here at Deslauriers and our sustainable actions.

    -We are proud to make the ONLY Bio-Degradable Test Cylinder on Earth.  By choosing to purchase Deslauriers Test Cylinders & Lids you are helping to reduce the harmful impact of plastic on our environment.

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