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Grout is an essential construction product used to strengthen and stabilize granite tiles, cement blocks, and other masonry. This cementitious substance also provides load distribution properties and reinforcement for steel that is placed into masonry. When working with grout before and during the construction process, you want to ensure that the grout is at its highest quality based on construction material standards. Testing grout using a grout sample box from Deslauriers simplifies grout testing methods while closely simulating the environmental conditions of the construction site. 

Consistent Grout Sample Quality is Crucial for the Integrity and Safety of Construction 

There are numerous varieties of grout on the market. Each grout product has its advantages based on the type of construction project, current environmental conditions during curing, and the everyday stresses that the material will experience when in use. With grout samples, you can determine the right grout for the job based on product specifications and how well test results match desired construction parameters. 
Drawing samples and performing grout testing methods allows you to determine the compressive strength of the grout as well as how it may shrink or crack. It can also determine whether consistent grout mixing is being performed and whether additional steps must be taken to control humidity and temperature levels at the construction site. 
Since grout is a mixture of water, cement, and additives, consistent mixing techniques can impact how it cures. If there is too much water added, or if the grout absorbs too much moisture that is present from high humidity, it can obtain a runny consistency. If not enough water is added or it dries out too quickly from high temperatures, it can become powdery and crumble. You can fine-tune mixing methods for better consistency. 
The ASTM C1019 has established standards regarding the methods of sampling and testing grout. By adhering to ASTM C1019 compliance, you ensure that the samples are representative of the grout that will be used at the construction site. You also ensure that grout quality will be consistent and reliable based on the test results. 
Keep in mind that grout testing isn't simply done one time before the start of the construction project. It should be done regularly, including when switching to different grout products during the project or if environmental conditions change. Every grout manufacturer has their own product formulation which may require changing mixing and curing methods. By testing grout samples, you can adopt the best methods for the current grout product. 
The Deslauriers Grout Sample Box allows you to make identical prism geometry for every sample set that is pulled throughout the construction process. Its patented design maintains the moisture level to help mimic the absorption rate of the concrete masonry units (CMUs) when they undergo the humidity and temperatures that are present at the actual construction site. Our grout sample box is the superior choice when you are looking for consistent quality of testing samples for more accurate results. 

Challenges in Ensuring Grout Sample Quality 

Traditional grout sample methods rely on concrete masonry units that will have the grout added to form the prisms. The biggest problem with performing this grout testing is moisture content variation. The concrete blocks can absorb and hold moisture. Due to this, the grout samples placed inside can become impacted by the varying moisture absorption rates of the CMUs, causing the test results to be unreliable. 
Also, the CMUs may have slight variations to their sizes, which can create different sample geometries of the grout which can impact the curing process. Another factor is ensuring that the conditions in which the grout is cured are similar to that used at the construction site, as humidity and temperature changes can create problems. 

Benefits of Using Grout Sample Box 

A grout sample box offers more consistent and reliable results while still maintaining ASTM 1019 compliance. The grout box simulates the same conditions of the CMU, including the moisture absorption rates while being lightweight enough for transport due to the corrugated cardboard materials. The interlocking tabs on the box ensure that the box maintains its shape and won't distort from the grout poured inside. The grout sample box can yield comparative strength testing values that are the same as CMUs used for testing. 

Grout Samples Are Vital for Construction Success    Grout Samples Are Vital for Construction Success

Key Features of the Grout Sample Box 

When it comes to engineering construction materials, having consistent results for the entire project can eliminate human errors, adjust methods for mixing and curing, and allow you to select the best product based on the project and current conditions. With the grout sample box, you obtain an advanced method in taking grout samples.

  • Consistent Sample Geometry: The GSB has the same consistent sample geometry by mimicking the structure of CMUs. This process allows for identical prism geometry for every sample set while also being light enough to transport anywhere on the construction site.
  • Patented Moisture Retention Technology: Each box comes with engineered slotted corrugation. This patented design helps with the moisture retention in grout and provides the same absorption rate as traditional CMUs.
  • Compliance and Standards: The grout sample box design meets all ASTM C1019, Section 6 standards. The development of the grout sample boxes assisted with the organization’s development of these standards that are now used throughout the construction industry.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Every grout sample box has been tested to determine the size and materials used will be effective for grout testing methods at various construction sites. This testing has proven that grout sample boxes will yield comparable compressive strength values to traditional methods regardless of CMU moisture content. You obtain a grout sample box that can be used anywhere and can protect the samples during transport when they go through testing. 

Obtain Deslauriers Grout Sample Boxes for Your Projects 

The popularity of using the grout sample box has grown during the decades. Contractors, civil engineers, and other professionals in the construction industry are taking advantage of these grout sample boxes for testing samples using more consistent and effective methods. By testing grout samples, you can eliminate many human errors that can happen due to inconsistent grout mixing that can lead to material waste. 
Here at Deslauriers, we offer grout sample boxes in varying quantities of 25 per box. We also offer grout box accessories, including grout sample box fixtures to maintain the integrity and shape of the grout sample boxes. 
Ordering from us is easy. Simply go to our Deslauriers website, indicate the quantity of grout sample boxes that you desire, and place the order into your shopping cart. then provide your shipping address to obtain a list of available shipping methods to your region. Once you've made your choices and selected a payment method, we will get the order out to you immediately. 
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