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DISC-10F Impalement Safety Cover - Rebar #3-#11

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CAT#: DISC-10F  -for Rebar #3 - #11

QTY: 25 pieces per box

Deslauriers' Caps are steel reinforced engineered high-impact plastic. Conform to State and Federal safety regulations.

  • Complies with Federal OSHA 701 (b).
  • Federal OSHA has ruled that if cover is in compliance with Cal OSHA, then it conforms to Fed. 701 (b).
  • Approved by California OSHA C1718AG and OSHA 1723AG


* NOTE: Impalement caps not stamped with a valid CAL-OSHA approval number are not compliant with Federal guidelines and should not be used.


Also see CAT: HH-M for Rebar #7-#12 (package size: 25 pieces).

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