Composite Wood Shims

Versatile Applications of Composite Wood Shims

Shims are tapered wedges cut or molded to be perfectly level, designed for use in building and renovation. They are especially important because they level out gaps and spaces between pieces of wood and other construction materials. The goal of them is to provide stability in construction. Typical applications include: 

1. Holding Heavy Objects in Place in Construction 

One common use for shims is to hold heavy objects in place. For example, if your wood floor isn’t quite level and your couch is creaking or sliding because of that, you can slide a shim underneath to increase stability. 

2. Ensuring Proper Leveling and Alignment in Flooring 

Shims are also often used in flooring, subflooring, and baseboards to fill gaps. They can be quite helpful when remodeling or renovating older buildings, where things may have shifted over time. Rather than forcing the wood to fit that doesn’t, you can use a shim to even out the spaces. 

3. Placing Construction Shims in Your Doors and Windows 

Shims work well when replacing doors and windows, helping fill in gaps or spaces and ensuring a better seal. Use a hammer to push the shims into place around the door frame, then use a level to check your work if needed.   

4. Keeping Objects Off the Floor Permanently 

Shims are practical for use around the house, especially for people with hard floors who might be worried about their furniture scraping their floor, but who don’t want to put an area rug down. Instead, you can place shims underneath the furniture feet to protect the surface since they’re able to support heavy weight.   
How to Install and Use Composite Wood Shims Effectively 
Shims can be constructed from a variety of materials, including: 
● Metal 
● Wood 
● Plastic 
● Stone 
● Paper 
● Laminated shim 
● Composite wood 
What kind of shim you use depends on your conduction project, as different applications require different materials. For example, wood and paper should be used for projects where there is no exposure to water. 
Read this article to learn more about the benefits of using composite wood shims in building projects, how to choose the right material for your project, Where to buy high-quality composite wood shims, and how to obtain long-lasting performance of composite wood shims. 

The Many Advantages of Composite Wood Shims 

Composite wood shims can offer a number of advantages when used correctly and in the proper setting. A comparison of composite wood shims vs traditional shims can help you determine whether or not composite shims are right for your project. 
Let’s take a look at the advantages of wood composite below: 

1. Durability: Long-lasting Performance of Composite Wood Shims 

One of the best reasons to choose composite wood shims over other options is their durability, thanks to their materials. Composite wood is much more durable than traditional wood and is able to tolerate moisture and damp weather conditions better. This helps prevent warping and decaying, ensuring longevity and saving you money on potential future repairs. 

2. Consistency and Stability in Construction 

When it comes to any building project, consistency of your materials must be a top priority. Shims made of composite wood are less likely to split or crack than other materials. This helps them maintain a consistent thickness and size even after the project has been completed. 

3. Sustainable Construction Materials: Composite Wood Shims 

One of composite wood shims' most exciting advantages is a lessened environmental impact. Eco-friendly alternatives such as this can help reduce deforestation since materials are recycled. Sustainable practices can also be more affordable, which can be a large advantage for consumers who have budget-related concerns regarding their project. Green materials like composite wood provide an exciting, accessible construction option, no matter the price range.   

4. Increased Accuracy with Precision Building in Construction 

Precision and accuracy are crucial when it comes to building. It is impossible to provide a reliable finished project without proper calculations and building techniques. Composite wood shims help enhance the precision and accuracy of your construction projects by helping you maintain tight tolerance levels (by filling in the gaps). Their consistent sizing allows you to easily predict where they are needed and place them accordingly, providing a more reliable finished product. 

5. Smooth Surface Finish 

However, accuracy and build are just two parts of completing a reliable project.  A professional appearance is also a critical component of any completed construction job, reflecting the care, precision, and accuracy put into it. 
Composite wood shims can help you create a more professional, polished product by helping you level your surfaces to your exact specifications during the construction process. Their uniform thickness ensures even surfaces, saving you time by reducing the need for additional sanding. 

6. Cost-Effectiveness for Your Timber Materials 

Composite wood shims are also quite affordable despite how versatile they are. They’re an essential part of any construction project. Not only are they cheap to purchase, they can also help save you additional project funds and resources, like extra materials or labor (like sanding). 
Composite wood shims help you save in the long run by adding durability to your project. When your project is completed with quality materials you know you can trust, you’re far less likely to run into expensive issues or repairs. 

7. Reducing Waste in Construction with Composite Wood Shims 

Waste reduction techniques can also help reduce your conduction cost. Composite wood shims can help you minimize material wastage during construction by allowing you to easily fill gaps, rather than having to purchase new supplies or cut new wood. Using fewer materials also helps reduce environmental impact, so it’s a double win! 

8. Versatile Applications of Composite Wood Shims in Building 

One advantage of this material is the versatile applications of composite wood shims in buildings. Composite wood is approximate for a wide array of projects, such as: 
● Placing under appliances 
● Supporting cabinets and countertops 
● While installing doors and windows 
● Leveling floors, subfloors, and baseboards 
● Preventing creaking in decks 
● As wedges for tables and other furniture 
Because they’re made of composite materials, composite wood shims are useful for many construction projects. They’re adaptable to a wide variety of materials and structures, making them a perfect addition to any construction toolkit. 

9. Ease of Use and Shimming Techniques 

One of the biggest perks of shims is how easy they are to use, especially for projects like installing door frames and windows. Composite wood shims can help you save time fitting your window or door frame as it significantly simplifies leveling.   
Here’s how to use a wood shim to level a door or window frame during installation: 
● Insert your composite wood shim into the gap or space between surfaces to ensure even alignment 
● Adjust shim until the surface is level, measuring it with a level if needed 
● Add more shims if needed 
● Use a hammer or mallet to bang shims into place, being careful not to bang too hard 
● Measure again with a level 
Composite wood shims, unlike many construction materials, don’t require a big learning curve. Since they’re pre-cut, there’s no sawing, and they don’t require nails or glue to install. Thus, they can be adjusted and fully installed in very little time. 

10. Resilience to Temperature Changes 

Over time, changes in moisture and temperature can cause warping and changes in many construction materials. Without this durability, your construction project's overall longevity and stability is often negatively impacted. 
Weather-resistant composite wood shims for outdoor projects are an excellent choice for many projects, as composite material performs more reliably than untreated wood shims, and lasts for much longer. Composite material is less likely to warp or retain moisture and rot, as it contains plastics and additives designed to help prevent this. Less warping and moving helps your construction work retain a good seal, preventing moisture-related issues like mold. 

Environmentally Friendly Shimming Solutions: Composite Wood 

Composite wood shims are versatile construction materials that require little long-term maintenance and are easily adaptable to a wide range of applications. Their composition offers long-lasting performance with little upkeep, which helps you stick to your project budget and minimize the resources required to complete the job. They’re also: 
● Affordable to purchase 
● A green innovation that reduces environmental impact 
● Versatile 
● Made of moisture-resistant materials 
● Easy to install 
● Perfect for precision adjustments 

Where to Buy High-quality Composite Wood Shims? 

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