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Compression Pads - Econ-O-Cap Unbonded Capping System

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Compression Pads - Econ-O-Cap Unbonded Capping System

See chart below for CAT#, description, and quantity. 

The Neoprene Compression Pad flows into irregularities and distributes the test load uniformly without creating air pockets to assure consistent breaks.  Patented “stay in place” nubs, secure pads into cups.

Compression pads are available in several hardnesses.
50 duro for design strength 1500 to 6000 psi.
60 duro for design strength 2500 to 7000 psi.
70 duro for design strength 4000 to 12,000 psi*.

*Qualifying tests must be performed for strength over 7,000 psi per ASTM.

Refer to ASTM C1231 for max uses, qualification test, etc. Our sales personnel are always available to assist.

dia 50 duro 60duro 70 duro 90 duro pkg size
6" 6MP50 6MP60 6MP70   24 pcs
4" 4MP50 4MP60 4MP70   20 pcs
3" 3CP50 3CP60 3CP70   20 pcs
2" 2CP50 2CP60 2CP70   12 pcs
4" high strength       4CP90 2 pcs
6" 6MP50-S 6MP60-S 6MP70-S   2 pcs
4" 4MP50-S 4MP60-S 4MP70-S   2 pcs
3" 3CP50-S 3CP60-S 3CP70-S   2 pcs
2" 2CP50-S 2CP60-S 2CP70-S   2 pcs


All meet ASTM Standard C1231 and AASHTO Standard T22-851, except 4CP90.